What to expect from PriceBlaze.pk on Black Friday 2016 Deals

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Black Friday is being celebrated in Pakistan for the second time. The number of participating stores have increased and so have the deals. For shoppers, this means more variety and discounts. However, at the same time, it means there’s too much to look at before finalizing your purchase.

There are many things that can go wrong when you’re shopping online. It could be the poor quality of products, unnecessarily high prices, or despicable late delivery. So what do you do?

PriceBlaze.pk on Black Friday

There’s just one thing: Priceblaze.pk, Pakistan’s premier price comparison engine. Find trusted shopping stores and top-quality products. Also, enjoy all the new features that are continuously being added to the site.

Priceblaze.pk displays the list of prices from top online shopping websites on a single page against all products. Every year, Pakistani ecommerce sites host events that offer deep discounts for all online shoppers. The trend of Black Friday Sale caught on from last year when Daraz introduced it.

The Black Friday Buzz

Last year, Daraz launched Black Friday in Pakistan. It raised $56 million in funding (according to Bloomberg) while providing discounts of up to 70% on selected products. The event created a buzz in the mainstream and social media for being the first Black Friday Event of Pakistan. It was closely followed by HomeShopping.pk that came up with its own event ‘White Friday’ in order to capture the limelight.

This was the scenario of the last year. What can you expect from Black Friday in 2016? Read on to find the answer.

Where can you get the Best Deals on Black Friday?

At Priceblaze.pk, you will be able to see the deals from all online shopping stores including Daraz, Yayvo, 24 Hours and many more. But here are few reasons why Priceblaze.pk  is better than others.

Compare Prices in One Place

Instead of shopping from store to store, online shoppers can compare product features and prices directly on Priceblaze.pk. This saves time and helps in decision-making. Especially on Black Friday, the users can get unbelievable discounts from all shopping stores on a single page.

Moreover, you can even find discount coupons from selected stores. The higher the savings, the merrier it gets!

Buy Everything Here

We have the biggest product catalog. So you can find everything and anything you are looking for. Simply click ‘visit store’ on the item detail page to begin your purchase. It is a one-click checkout from then onwards.

Compare Product Features and Read Reviews

Comparison is the key to smart shopping. So always compare product features and prices before you buy. To be more confident about your purchase, read product reviews to get a better understanding of what it is.

Filter Unreliable Stores

The review system at Priceblaze.pk serves an important purpose: it filters unreliable stores. Users review products as well as online stores, in turn highlighting the trusted ones that offer quality products and no disappointment.

Especially on Black Friday, this practice is going to help a lot of users make the best purchase decisions.

What PriceBlaze.pk did on Black Friday 2015?

It was a busy time last year and we’re expecting the same (if not more) rush again. Last year we highlighted a list of must-have deals and discounts from top online shopping stores of Pakistan. This year, we’re increasing the list to include even better offerings.

Are we expecting an avalanche of visitors on our website on Black Friday? Yes!

What are the Best Shopping Deals on Black Friday 2016?

Dozens of shopping stores pop up in Pakistan every year so the competition keeps intensifying. Some of the best online stores include Yayvo, Daraz, and 24Hours. They offer timely delivery and high-quality products. But if you’re looking for a holistic shopping comparison between all stores, simply use Priceblaze.pk.

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