Top 7 Online Shopping Websites of Pakistan

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Online shopping in Pakistan has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. The arrival of 3G/4G technology has further increased penetration while broadband users continue to rise.

Top 7 Online Shopping Websites of Pakistan

This has made Pakistan’s online shopping industry a lucrative segment and it is also posing a serious challenge to traditional brick-and-mortar outlets with its superior service, delivery, deals and discounts.

While there aren’t any portals like Amazon, eBay and AliBaba, websites that forged the way for others to operate globally, a few online shopping stores have already established a niche and are quickly gaining a greater market share.

Some of the most successful, reliable and trustworthy online shopping websites of Pakistan are listed below.


This website emphasizes on men and women products although it offers everything under the sun. Yet, its highest selling items seem to be clothing, which is also often the focus of their deals and discounts. Backed by Rocket Internet, the German tech incubator, Daraz has the resources and the clout to deliver exceptional service and products.


Pakistan’s premier price comparison engine, offers you a chance to save money while shopping online. They showcase a wide range of products including men’s wear, women’s fashion, kid’s clothing, electronics, gadgets, appliances and more. It is a one-window solution to shop and save, all from the comfort of your homes.


Another successful online store, ShopHive’s main focus is on all types of electronics and gadgets. Most noteworthy of their products are laptops, notebooks, mobiles, tablets, cameras, televisions, projectors, desktop computers, monitors, printers, scanners and many other electronic devices.


One of the early companies to enter Pakistan’s online shopping industry, has lost ground to newcomers like and failed to challenge Daraz’s hegemony. Nonetheless, it commands a loyal following and offers an extensive range of products including clothing, mobiles, laptops and other electronics. They also offer you an opportunity to purchase products from Amazon and eBay that they’ll deliver to you in Pakistan. This offer is quite interesting and worth giving a shot.


Initially launched as TCS Connect, it was expected to become a major force in online shopping due to the extensive delivery network of its parent company, TCS. However, some teething problems kept it from making the impact. But a major rebranding exercise, followed by a re-launch as ‘Yayvo’, has seen it cover lost ground. Aggressive marketing has also added to its popularity but it remains to be seen if it can match the high service standards that its parent company is known for.


A fancy and upscale Pakistan website, it offers apparels for people of all ages as well as high-end bed and bath products like bed sheets. It also claims to have an extensive archive of Pakistani Drama serials, which is likely to help it capture that niche.


This website sells nearly everything ranging from computers, laptops, cameras and other electronics to fashion, lifestyle, toys and even home and kitchen. They deliver to your doorstep on demand. Despite its early success, it has failed to make much of an impact, getting embroiled in customer complaints. This is a major problem affecting the online shopping industry in Pakistan, with the market leader Daraz often being criticized on social media over failure to deliver or delivering substandard products.

Currently, these are the best Pakistani online shopping sites. Give some of them a try at least and we are sure you will enjoy your shopping experience!


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  1. 1
    princes anna

    There are many other online stores who are selling a wide range of products. But is somehow difficult to find the best online shopping sites in Pakistan.

  2. 2
    Hasan Naqvi

    I like your price comparison feature which is not only good but also provides the best online shopping experience in Pakistan.
    I think you may need to ad some other shopping portals who are offering best quality products.

    • 3
      Bilal Ali

      Exactly Mr Hassan you must visit almari[dot]pk here can do price comparison and can check which product is better it can clear your confusion between two products

  3. 5
    Princes Sanna

    I agree with the article but here I like to add some other online shopping portals that are missing like kaymu, homeshopping and ishopping are also great.
    Please add them.

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