Top 10 Shopping Stores to Eye for Black Friday Deals in Pakistan

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What started as an experiment by a selected few e-commerce stores in 2015 has now grown into a proper yearly event. When Black Friday event came to Pakistan, no one knew if it will succeed but the trend went viral. Not only the other online shopping stores replicated the event, but many offline outlets also started it in their stores. And, in just a few days, it amassed a crowd of shoppers that were eager for deals.

Top 10 Online Shopping Stores Black Friday PakistanAccording to Daraz in 2016, more than one million people visited it during the event, which is a giant leap for any Pakistani e-commerce store. But this all happened during the past two years. Now, in 2017, the expectations are even higher because the hype is knee-dip.

That’s why most shoppers are holding their money for a while and waiting for the big event so they can cash-in on all the best deals available.

And, to make the choice even easier, we have enacted a list of the top 10 online shopping stores that are going to offer the Best Deals on Black Friday 2017 Pakistan.

Daraz Online Store:

Daraz, one of the leading Pakistani online shopping websites, is providing up to 70 percent discount on most of its products in Black Friday Deals. The discount will be available from 24th Nov. to 27th Nov.

You can visit Daraz Online Store to avail the best shopping deals on Black Friday 2017 Pakistan.


Yayvo Online Store:

Yayvo, another leading online shopping store of Pakistan, will offer up to 80 percent discount on smartphones, gadgets, gaming consoles, TV sets, men and women fashion accessories and more, just like it did last year. The store has teamed up with MobiCash and Easy-Paisa to provide additional discounts during the Black Friday Sales.


24Hours PK Online Store:

24Hours, an online shopping website, offers timely Combo Deals on Black Friday. The e-commerce marketplace doesn’t provide rebates on selected products but instead provides timely combos that are moderately priced. Last year, it received Backlash on Black Friday because the timely offers expired before most users could shop them on its website.

Nonetheless, hopefully, you will be able to grab their offers this time. For more information you can visit 24Hours Store Page and get big discounts on Black Friday 2017 Pakistan.


HomeShopping Online Store:

Homeshopping, an e-commerce website of Pakistan, celebrates White Friday instead of Black Friday. Their reason is that Friday is a holy day for Muslims so attributing it with the black color is unpleasant from the religions aspect. Some say they are just capitalizing on this trend by including the religious aspect. They provides discounts up to 60 to 70 percent on products during Black Friday Event. Want to get more details visit HomeShopping Store Page.


iShopping Online Store:

Last year, iShopping branded their online shopping event as Friday Bazar to give it a new touch. Friday Bazaar or ‘Juma bazaar’ is actually a local shopping event conducted every week in multiple areas across the country.

iShopping’s Friday Bazaar event saw up to 80 percent discounts on products in all categories. They further gave coupons of 500 rupees to their app users. You can avail huge discounts at iShopping Store Page.


Symbios Online Store:

Symbios offered up to 90 percent discount on its products during its Black Friday Sale last year. It is hoped the e-commerce store will keep the trend going and will offer the same level of discounts again this year.

Most products on the store were around rupee one. But there was a catch. You had to pay the shipping fees and you had to spend at least 2000 rupees on shopping from their online store to avail the offer.


Well-PK Online Store:

Well-PK online shopping store offered 50 percent off on its products during Black Friday in 2016. The shopping website is again planning for discounts this year and you can get more details about their event on their Store Page.


JoChaho Online Store:

JoChaho online shopping store offered flat 25 percent discount on its products during Black Friday 2016. The shopping website sells home appliances, smartphones, fashion accessories and TV sets. You can get more details about their event on their Store Page.


BytesPK Online Store:

Last year the online shopping store offered up to 50 percent discount on most of its products. At that time, it was selling tech products, but now, the store’s product catalog is totally revamped. You will see that it is featuring products from Fifth Avenue. While, Mobiles, Tech Products, and Other Smart Accessories have taken a back seat.

Let’s see what the e-commerce store will offer on this year’s sale. More details for Bytes are available on their Store Page.


Telemart Online Store:

Telemart didn’t take the 2015 sales event seriously but last year it too jumped on the bandwagon. The online shop will again launch its Black Friday store page with tons of deals. You can become the first one to enjoy these deals by visiting their Store Page.



Shopping during Black Friday is going to be exciting in Pakistan. Get even more discounts by subscribing to’s email list and be the first one to know when the shopping event starts. You will be automatically notified when a store starts their Black Friday Sales.

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