Top 10 Amazing Achievements of Pakistan in 2016

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Pakistan witnessed some extremely distressing moments in 2016. But there were some pleasant times as well. Here’s what 2016 brought us in terms of achievements and prosperity.

Top 10 Amazing Achievements Of Pakistan1.  CPEC Trade Kicks-Off:

The trade at China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was the best thing that happened to the economy of Pakistan. On Nov 1, 2016, the first batch of trucks left Sost dry port carrying trade goods to Gawadar Port, which is being used for the trade of Chinese merchandise to the rest of the world via silk route. It is believed to end poverty and unemployment in the region.

2. Uloomi wins WFGC, thumps India:

On June 30, 2016, Uloomi Karim, an MMA Fighter from Gilgit, won the World Series of Fighting Global Championship (WFGC) by magnificently beating the unbeaten Indian MMA Fighter Yadwinder Singh.

3. Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy bags 2nd Oscar

Sharmeen won her second Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards in Feb 2016 for her documentary ‘A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness’. Earlier, she won her first Oscar for a documentary ‘Saving Face’ in 2012.

4. Muhammed Shahzad enters the Google Hall of Fame

Muhammad Shahzad, a 14-year-old hacker, entered into the Google Hall of Fame when he uncovered a security bug in Google’s products. He has also found bugs in Twitter, Apple, eBay and Microsoft.

5. Pakistan’s Own Cricket League

Pakistanis are obsessed about cricket! Every cricket lover’s wildest dream came true when Pakistan Cricket League PSL 2016 came into being, featuring some of the most prominent cricket players from all over the world. The league was hosted in Dubai due to security reasons. It was nevertheless a good start.

6. Sadiq Khan

Sadiq Khan, the son of a bus driver, became the first Muslim Mayor of London in May 2016. He was formerly a human rights lawyer and a member of the Parliament since 2005.

7. Haris Aziz

Haris Aziz solved one of the most complex mathematical problems of the 20th century and was inducted in the list of “AI’s 10 to watch (2016)” published annually by IEEE. The problem was how to slice a cake so that each person ends up with a just share no matter the number of individuals.

8. Pakistan’s first ever Online Movie released

Ever heard of digital storytelling? Well, Pakistan made history when it released its first online movie. The best thing about this movie is that you get to choose your own story-line and ending. The film is strikingly similar to ‘Choose your own adventure’ series.

9. Nighat Dad Wins 2016 Human Rights Tulip Award

Nighat Dad, a digital human rights activist, was bestowed with the Human Rights Tulip award by the government of Netherlands. Dad is the founder of Digital Rights Foundation, an organization that supports female internet users by providing them digital security training and public awareness campaigns on cyber harassment and suicide.

10. Misbah ul Haq receives the Test Mace

The ICC chief executive David Richardson awarded the Test mace to Misbah ul Haq, captain of Pakistani cricket team. They were regarded as the No. 1 cricket team in the ICC Test rankings. Although this celebration was short-lived, it was nevertheless a big achievement for Pakistan’s cricket team and cricket fans.

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