Tablets and Ebook Readers – Reviving Pleasures Ignored and Forgotten

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The age of the PC wars is long over. First, it was the laptop. Then the Smartphone dominated the headlines. Somewhere in between, Tablets also emerged. Leading the Tablet revolution was Apple with its iPad.

Now, technologists predict that Tablets have outstripped PC sales, benefiting from multiple factors like price, speed, touch screen, weight, longer battery life and easy mobility, among others. The fact that Tablets also combine in them the features of the Kindle or the Nook add to their attraction.

Tablets and Ebook Readers - Reviving Pleasures Ignored and Forgotten

Fewer people might be reading nowadays but at least, they are reading. A research survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, showed that 21 percent of Americans had read an e-book and that owners of e-readers read eight more books on average than those without the device.

But this raises an important question: whether to go for a Tablet or a dedicated e-reader? Here’s some food for thought:


Tablets can be used to browse the internet, stream and watch videos, check emails, post Twitter & FB updates, remain active on Instagram and other social media platforms. From Apple’s iPad to Samsung’s Galaxy Note; Huawei, Lenovo, and many more are offering a variety of Tablets with varied specifications and storage space.

Along with these features, Tablets are also used for electronic reading, and thousands of books can be stored.

So why would anyone go for an e-reader?


E-readers are created for the specific reason of enabling lovers of reading to indulge in their favorite pastime. E-readers also have access to bookstores, like Amazon’s Kindle that has an installed app for the Amazon bookstore and access to millions of books.

The e-ink display, lacking in most tablets, brings the virtual reading experience as close to the physical activity as is possible. They also tend to have better resolution for text, crispness of colors and tend to be lighter than most tablets.

But most importantly, with an e-reader, you won’t have the distraction of videos and games that are available on a Tablet. It keeps you occupied with your favorite novel or newspaper.
Therefore, depending upon your preference, make your choice.


With less functionality than a tablet, e-readers obviously cost less. They are easier on the wallet, although some tablets of lesser known brands are available for the same price as a Nook or Kindle.

For the best way to find out about prices, you can visit a comparison shopping website, like, where hundreds of tablets and e-readers can be viewed in one vertical display. At PriceBlaze, you can compare Tablets and Ebook Readers prices which are offering by top online shopping stores in Pakistan.

It’s time to put on your reading glasses!

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