Samsung Launching Foldable and Bendable Smartphones in 2017

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The world of technology is advancing at the speed of light. There is new innovation and invention every day. The newest technology that everyone seems to be having a thing for is the foldable and bendable gadgets that are due to be introduced by many brands in the mobile industry.

Samsung Bendable Smartphone in 2017

Samsung is one of the leading mobile phone companies that have never failed to satisfy its customers with new and innovative technology. This time, too, Samsung has decided to introduce its range of foldable and bendable display technology in their new gadgets. This would indeed be a major leap for Samsung and will guarantee the progress of the company. The two new sets of foldable/bendable display phones are scheduled to be unveiled by Samsung next year.

As per the report prepared by Bloomberg, Samsung is all set to launch their foldable/bendable phones in 2017 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The smartphones that are to be introduced will not be a part of the famous Samsung Galaxy S series. The series is named Project Valley until the official name is given to the new series of phones.

Samsung flexible phones

On the other hand, the other set to be launched will be having a 5-inch display screen which can further be unfurled up to an 8-inch display screen, making it large enough like a tablet.

Samsung 5-inch display screen

The two phones that are to be introduced are unique in their own ways. One of the models is flexible enough to be folded into half, making it much easier and convenient for the user to carry it as it can easily be adjusted anywhere because of its pocket-friendly and compact nature.

Nowadays, flexible phones have become a necessity for high-end phones as the technology is new and in demand by the customers. Samsung aims to continue its tradition of bringing cutting-edge technology in everyone’s hands. It had earlier introduced dual edged screens to the mobile market as well.

Samsung high-end phones

Samsung did try to become the pioneer of flexible and foldable phones but was beaten by LG who launched their LG G Flex and became the first ones to launch a flexible smartphone. Apple, which is the biggest competitor of Samsung, has also introduced the flexible/bendable technology and is all set to introduce a new design of iPhone by next year.

Samsung flexible and foldable phones

Running right with the competition, Samsung is set to launch their series of flexible phones. Samsung trying to introduce the Edge variant, the USB Type-C port, and the iris scanner front (which will help to unlock the smartphone just by looking at it) in Galaxy Note 6.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed about what Samsung is going to bring our way. Owing to the widespread variety, don’t forget to compare mobile prices online and features before buying your phones. Get it all on! Get started right away!

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