Revamped Samsung A Series Smartphones – A3, A5, A7 Launched in Pakistan

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Samsung launched a revamped version of its ‘A series’ smartphones at the start of February 2017. The devices are said to be better equipped for tackling water and dust damage and also boast about enhanced camera performance.

Samsung A Series SmartphonesThe launch event was held at Avari Hotel in Lahore and was attended by top management of Samsung Pakistan including its President J. H Lee, Head of Mobiles for Pakistan and Afghanistan Umar Ghuman, and others. It included a hands-on demo of the New A Series Smartphones by Samsung.

What’s new about Samsung A Series?

The Samsung A Series Smartphones of 2017 have introduced a couple of new features, bringing back the excitement among gadget lovers and loyal customers.

Samsung Galaxy A Series SmartphonesThe most notable feature was the IP68 water and dust protection. In fact, the Samsung Pakistan President demonstrated the water resistance feature himself during the event. The IP68 feature makes smartphones water resistant for 30 minutes without sustaining any damage.

Besides this, you’ll find:

  • The devices are available with reversible USB Type-C connectors ensuring full future compatibility.
  • They have also borrowed the ‘always on screen’ feature, available previously in Galaxy S and Note series alone.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017:

Cheapest of the three, Samsung Galaxy A3 allows you to make the most of your smartphone. You can play games in true quality with its HD display. Also, the smartphone offers one-day backup, sufficient for most professionals.

Moreover, the f/1.9 camera aperture allows you to click DSLR-quality pictures in broad daylight using HDR functionality.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Specs:

Galaxy A3 Specs

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Price in Pakistan:

This dynamite of a smartphone is available for a price of 37,500 in Pakistan. It can be bought from top online stores at

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017:

Galaxy A5 is available for 10,000 rupees more than its sibling Galaxy A3. The good news is that it has 16MP front and back camera, allowing better picture quality even in low light conditions. The smartphone also has improved battery and comes with the water and dust protection feature. It can portentously be said that the smartphone is made for risk-takers.

Samsung Galaxy A5 Specs:

Galaxy A5 Specs

Samsung Galaxy A5 Price in Pakistan:

Add 10,000 rupees to the price of Samsung A3 and you can Buy Samsung A5 Online. The smartphone is available for a price of 47,500 rupees in Pakistan. It can be purchased online at by comparing prices from other online shopping stores.

Additional Points

Galaxy A5 has a 16MP front selfie camera. In all smartphones available in Pakistan till date, no smartphone has a 16MP front camera so far.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 is the priciest of all. However, unlike its siblings, the smartphone has an enhanced backup with a 3600mAh battery that will last you a day. It has an even bigger screen size of 5.7-inches, allowing you to turn your room into a small cinema with its evergreen visual allure. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a phablet.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Specs:

Galaxy A7 Specs

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Price in Pakistan:

This ‘A series’ gem by Samsung is available for a hefty sum of 55,000 rupees at online and offline stores of Pakistan. However, you can buy it online at the best possible price by comparing on

Critical Review:

It is noteworthy that Samsung Galaxy A Series 2017 has been revamped. However, the price difference between Samsung and its competitors is a large one this time. Whereas other smartphone brands are producing high-quality smartphones at low prices, Samsung is adamant on producing average quality smartphone at higher prices.

If you look closely at the A Series 2017 smartphones by Samsung, the difference between A3 and A5 is of camera, memory and battery only while the price difference is about 10,000 rupees. [Note: If you know where to buy from, you can get a decent smartphone in 10,000 rupees alone.]

Similarly, in the case of A5 and A7, the difference is only in battery and screen size, yet the price difference is about 8,000 rupees.

So Are The Samsung A Series Smartphones A Good Choice?

If you are looking for cost-effective, high-quality devices, the Samsung A Series Smartphones are probably not for you. There are many better options already available in the market for less than 20,000 rupees that let you use most of the features provided in these smartphones.

Galaxy A Series SmartphonesHowever, if you are brand-conscious, Samsung-lover and would like to get your hands on the Latest Samsung Smartphones, then YES the devices will be a good fit for you. In fact, as mentioned earlier, some really nice features that are not yet available in many other smartphones include the 16MP front camera and IP68 Water and Dust resistance, available only in Samsung A5 and A7 Series.

Our suggestion is to search the market and make a wise choice for buying Samsung Smartphones in Pakistan.

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