Retail Discounts VS Online Shopping Discounts

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While the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web has taken the world by storm and has changed our lifestyles forever, it has also brought significant changes in our thinking patterns as well as actions. Let’s focus on shopping trends: a few decades back, the only option was to go out, search the markets and buy what is needed. However, it is not the same anymore.


According to statistics, 38.5% of the consumers have already shifted from retail to online shopping. Needless to say, the evolution has not ended yet. Moreover, shopping and sale are considered synonymous with one another. Be it a male or a female customer; what could be more attractive than a big and bold sale banner, allowing you to get the same stuff at a much lesser price?

Moving to statistics again, 48% of the buyers have agreed that online shopping discounts are better than retail discounts, with the most common reasons being:

Easy to Access

While you have to go out and visit the retail store personally in order to avail their discounts, online stores practically come to you. It does not only save you from the hassle of moving out of your comfort zone but also lets you skip all the crowd that is generally witnessed at retail store discounts.

Vast Variety

The second reason, and the most important one, is that online stores have a complete range of products that are on sale. Moreover, they inform you immediately if something is out of stock. Same is never really the case with retail stores. Items may be out of stock at one store and confirming their availability on other branches is a time-consuming and tiring process, which seldom proves to be fruitful. It is infinitely easier to benefit from the deals in Pakistan using online stores.


Generally, discount stores rarely maintain a good presentation of their items; they are scattered and you are forced to dig in, landing upon the desired stuff only by luck. It is totally the opposite in online stores: all the items are appropriately presented, allowing you to get a precise idea about the outlook and use.

Price Matching Option is Available on Online Stores

Last but not the least, online stores allow you to compare prices of all the items on sale, ranging from the top brands in Pakistan to the local products. The price match option, offered by and admired by every price-conscious buyer, ensures that you do not have to regret buying a product: the variety, discount as well as the price comparison is presented at the same time, leading you to the perfect decision.

So the next time you are planning to get benefited from discounts, consider online discounts first, it will be worth it, that is a promise.

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