Pakistan’s Biggest Online Shopping Gala is Finally Here

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Your wait is over. Now you will be able to compare deals from Daraz, Yayvo and other top online shopping stores on a single platform in our Biggest Online Shopping Gala Event in Pakistan.

Online Shopping Gala Pakistan

We are finally launching the most-awaited and the biggest online shopping gala of Pakistan. The site will include a ton of products including smartphones, electronics, men’s and women’s fashion accessories, gaming consoles and accessories, computers and laptops and kitchen utensils. All products will have up to 80 percent discount.

Online Shopping in Pakistan PriceBlaze

How to Shop on Biggest Online Shopping Gala in Pakistan? will not be offering any of its own products. The products listed on it will be from other shopping stores, with whom it is affiliated. As it is a price comparison website, you will be able to compare prices of products available from multiple online shopping stores and the discounts will be shown on the product page – if they are available.

To start shopping, simply visit The Biggest Online Shopping Gala page and start buying your favorite products.

The deals are currently locked and will open on 18th of September.

What to Expect from Biggest Online Shopping Gala?

This year many new products have been launched especially in the smartphone category. You will be able to get huge discounts on these products, and as they are not available in most areas of Pakistan, you can directly order them through the website.

Huge Variety of New Products:

You can even pre-order most smartphone that haven’t been released yet. Same goes for electronic items, new dresses and fashion accessories. Get everything you want by searching through our website.

Online Price Comparison Features:

There are multiple variations of the same product listen on our website. All of these have different prices and that’s where you get the liberty to choose the one that is available for lowest price.

Samsung S8

For example in the image above, we have three smartphones ‘Samsung galaxy S8’ all are differently priced. By clicking on the one with the lowest price, we can check which stores are offering it for a discount.

So, let’s click it and see.

Galaxy S8

This version Samsung Galaxy S8 is available on Yayvo Online Store.

However, when I click the first link of Samsung Galaxy S8, which had more price, I see that it is offered by multiple stores. But still the price is too high to buy from them.

multiple stores

So, this is how we just saved almost 10,000 rupees by carefully checking the prices of Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone from Yayvo, Well.PK, and 24hourspk on a single website.

Isn’t it easy?

You can compare any product you like this way. Not just that, if there is discount available on the product that will also be shown next to the price.

So, get ready for even more features and surprises on on the Pakistan Biggest Shopping Platform.

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    People use to shop on different occasions throughout the year.But nowadays online shopping is spreading like a fire.There is a large number of online shopping sites but we can’t trust everyone.
    PriceBlaze is a trusted comparison shopping engine where I can find the best shopping deals at one place.

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