Announcing the Launch of Online Committee Management Tool

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We have launched the first ever online committee payment management tool to assist people manage their committee payments and transactions digitally.

Committee tool launched - priceblazepk - Money saving Pool

The committee tool is made to smoothly record payments, member reward sequence and other relevant information of the money saving committees.

For those who do not know about money saving committees, it is a norm in Pakistan and many people engage in this practice with their trustworthy friends and relatives. With the help of the committee crowd funding pools, members are able to get the total amount at once. This helps them take care of their financial needs.

The sequence of each member’s turn is set at the very start to reduce flaps in the proceedings.

We have specially made the online money saving committee manager for people who are already engaged in these money pools but are having a hard time keeping a record of the payments.

Make a new committee on Priceblaze Committee Tool Online
Here is how you make a new committee on Priceblaze Committee Tool Online

By using the tool, users can set their own committee schemes and the number of members, and are notified on timely updates through an email – which is sent as per the requirement.

How to use Online Committee Management Tool?

The committee tool has two types of members.

  1. Committee Leader
  2. Dormant Member

First type is of the leader, who manages the committee, adds or deletes members and is responsible for checking the collection of payments.

Second type is of the dormant members who are timely notified about the developments in their committee channel via an email.

Fill in the online committee details on Priceblaze Committee Tool Online
Fill in the details on Priceblaze Committee Tool to get started

The committee only starts once all the members have joined it by verifying their emails. Once it starts, no changes can be made in it so to allow transparent payment management.

We hope that with such easy committee records maintenance, more people will become interested in money saving pools.

You can visit the  Committee management tool here to manage your committee records with ease.

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to get started with the committee tool.

how to use priceblaze committee management tool online

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