Mobile Mania – Mobile Phone Companies Thrive in Pakistan

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Over the last two decades, the mobile industry has boomed in Pakistan in a big way. However, this does not mean that locally produced mobile brands have come to the forefront. Until now, consumers are satisfied with foreign brands whether they are from China, England or the United States.

Mobile Mania


Among smartphones full of features, the most affordable and popular one is QMobile. One of the reasons for its popularity is its strong marketing across all platforms – from traditional mediums like TV, newspapers and billboards to digital and social media.

It has a bevy of glittering ambassadors, a veritable who’s who of the celebrity world including Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Shaan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar, who have all endorsed Qmobile.

Despite being a Chinese brand, it is selling like hot cakes in Pakistan since it has phones in various price ranges.


Another equally popular brand is Samsung, particularly for those who can afford a slightly more expensive phone with better features and pixel display quality. The Samsung’s Galaxy Edge 6 is definitely the handset for you. There’s a minor increase in functionality in having a bent screen – you can have a ticker feed of news on that edge, after all. But for the most part, the S6 Edge is just an aesthetically different device to the standard S6.


Another roaring success in Pakistan is Apple’s iPhone 6S Plus. Apple’s second big screen phone is another stunner. With an iOS 9 operating system, 5.5-inch screen size, high-quality resolution (1920 x 1080) and lighting fast processing, with its standard 2GB RAM, it’s as much a status symbol as a must-have for gadget lovers.

With storage options starting from 16GB up to 128GB and a battery whose performance exceeds that of competitors (around 2750mAh), it is feature-heavy without being ostentatious.

High-quality 12 megapixels back camera and 5MP for the front camera, it is good for snapshots as well.

With slight improvements in its older version, some people are calling it just a larger iPhone6S. That’s no bad thing, as that phone is one of the best around at the moment. But this second Apple alphabet has a number of elements that make it a great phone.

Its screen is Full HD and has some stunning color reproduction. The camera on the back features optical image stabilization, which means better low light video and photography. The iPhone 6S Plus once again has something that’s eluded iPhone fans for years: a really good battery, with Apple using that extra space to cram in a few more mAh units.


Mobile manufacturers such as Huawei, LG, Sony, Motorola, Nokia and Lenovo are the other major multinational companies that have established themselves in Pakistani markets across the cities. Nokia has lost the ascendancy that it once enjoyed while Blackberry has almost vanished. However, brands like Huawei, Lenovo, Sony and Motorola continue to enjoy relative success, making a splash from time to time. Voice and Rivo mobiles have also found a niche but are yet to establish themselves among the big boys.

For online shoppers, one easy way to find out the ideal phone is to visit, a price comparison website, which has an extensive collection of mobiles phones of all brands listed online.

Each product entry also has specification details such as price, models, and camera pixel quality, storage, battery performance, etc., along with reviews from other shoppers.

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