List of Groom Accessories for Wedding Shopping in Pakistan

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Buckle up Guys! It’s Your Wedding Day!

Your Bride is going to be all dolled up looking like a princess. Shouldn’t you make some effort to looking handsome and dashing too?!

Pakistani Groom Accessories for WeddingFor the most part, you’ll be wearing something that complements what your beloved wife-to-be is wearing. So you can’t be too adventurous with your dressing. However, there’s nothing stopping you from focusing on a few Men Grooming Tips that can really make a difference.

Here are the Groom Accessories that will help you accessorize in style and level up your look. Make a charismatic entry on your Grand Day that everyone will remember!


If you’ve got yourself a tailored suit, you will need complementary neckwear to go with it. A bowtie looks elegant if you’ve settled for a tux. You can try blacks, whites, navy blues and maroons for a sophisticated look.

BowtieOn the other hand, there are neckties. They have their own charm and come in different materials ranging from wool to silk. Generally, for grooms, ties in solid colors or self-embossed patterns look good. Too much design is a major turn off.

NecktiesFor a grander, sophisticated, elite look, some grooms nowadays prefer wearing neckerchiefs (or scarves as you may call it). If you’re feeling a bit bold, you can try these.


Your attire is incomplete without a wristwatch and there’s no debate about it. It is something you need to have in your male grooming kit at all times. Even if you use your phone to check time, you need the wristwatch to complete your look. It gives a touch of sophistication typical for a gentleman.

Groom WatchesAlthough chain watches with stainless steel links look rather grand, you can invest in a leather strap wristwatch too according to your personal preference. It’s about flaunting your personal style in the best way you can.


You probably won’t need to brandish your wallet during your wedding but it is nevertheless a Male Grooming Essential that keeps your life in one place.

Leather WalletsInvest in a good leather wallet that has a dark solid color (blacks, browns, or greens). It’ll complete your look just the way you desire.


From jeweled to customized options, Cufflinks come in all forms, shapes, and colors. They add the oomph factor to your attire, enhancing the elegance and charm of your personality.

CufflinksYou can also try customized Cuff-Links with the initials of your name and your better half’s name carved on them. That’s one way of saying “Together till the end”!

Handkerchief/Pocket Squares

It’s that piece of cloth that peeps out of your pocket, making you look like the perfect gentleman on the block. Even if you’re not using Pocket Square for formal meetings and gatherings, it is worth investing in for your wedding.

Pocket Squares


Yes, you might have one that you’ve been using for quite some time. But it’s always a good idea to invest in a New Leather Belt for an auspicious occasion like your wedding.

Groom Belts SuspendersLook crisp and perfect from head to toe with the choicest range of Groom Accessories from

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