Ideas for Engagement Wedding Dresses for Bride

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Pakistani wedding preparations start long before both the families officially agree to the union. It entails a long series of events, starting off with an informal engagement (baat pakki ki rasam), a formal engagement, the MEHNDI, the MAYOUN, the NIKKAH, the BARAT, the VALIMA, the reception for offshore relatives, and lots more.

Ideas for Engagement Wedding Dresses for BrideWeddings are nothing short of a festival and the best part about wedding shopping and preparations is to choose a different outfit for every event.

Engagement Wedding Dress Ideas

Typically, brides prefer wearing simple dresses on initial events, gaining traction along the way. Valima Dresses are heavily embroidered than Engagement Dresses. Here are a few things that will help you pick the Perfect Bridal Engagement Dress for your event.

engagement dresses for bridesFirst things first, there’s a wide variety of engagement party dresses available in the market. The price depends on quality, style, fabric, color, embellishment and the like. You can find trendy Mangni Dresses in all price ranges. The high-end engagement dresses for brides bring in unique color combination and luxurious fabrics that make the dress look unique while the mid-range dresses are good enough for most people.

The engagement dress designs need to be chosen very carefully. The reason is: it’s her first step into a bright future. For the most part, brides prefer if their engagement dresses are different from those picked for other events. The colors and embroideries need to be balanced.

Engagement Wedding DressEngagement Party Dresses can be worn at other functions too. Many fashion designers create beautiful dresses for engagement parties keeping this in mind.

Colors and Embellishments

Most Pakistani brides prefer light tones like zinc, beige, yellow, light blue, peach, orange, mauve, baby pink and similar shades for their engagement dresses.

Engagement DressYou’ll be able to see a lot of sequin work or gota but the use of stones and zari work is kept low key.

Trendy Dress Styles

As far as styles are concerned, long frocks and gowns are in vogue. Open shirt dresses are also made by many fashion designers. Different kind of frocks like the Angarkha and Pishwas are the hit as they depict traditional concepts and have a desi touch to them.

FrocksThese dresses can be worn with tulip pants, churidar pajamas or trousers.

Top it up with some light makeup and you have the perfect engagement bride all dressed up for the event.

Do you have something to add to this? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to this post.

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    I have read your most of the blogs, but you guys always writing on “Ideas” , “Checklist” etc. Why not new arrival of fabrics , Lawn, design, brands ? is there any restriction ?

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      Very thanks for your comment and concern, sure we will update our blog with latest news and trends in fashion world. Just keep in touch with us.

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