Huawei Honor V9 Launch Date, Specs, Features and Prices in Pakistan

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Huawei Honor V9 Mobile Phone has launched in China on 21st February 2017. In this regard, an official teaser was released to the public on the company’s official Weibo account. As per the teaser, the smartphone has a dual back camera and 6GB RAM.

Huawei Honor V9 Prices in PakistanInternet sources have further revealed the specifications of Honor V9. It is said to have a 5.7-inch curved glass display, powered by Kirin 960 processor coupled with 6GB RAM. [Note: 6GB is the highest amount of RAM in any smartphone as of 2017. However, the news is that 7GB and 8GB smartphones are soon going to fill the market.

Apart from 6GB of RAM, the smartphone will have 64GB or 128GB internal storage depending on the variant you go for.

Huawei Honor V9 The smartphone will have a dual back camera: a 12MP primary camera with an additional 2MP support camera for adding depth to your photographs. It will also feature an 8MP front camera.

Huawei Honor V9 Launch & Release Date

Honor V9 has officially launched on 21st February 2017, one week prior to Mobile World Conference (MWC).

Huawei Honor V9 Launched in ChinaIt is not yet known when the smartphone will be released in Pakistan.

Huawei Honor V9 Specifications

  • 5.70-inch Display Screen with 2560 × 1440px resolution
  • 1.8GHz octa-core Processor
  • 8-megapixel Front Camera
  • 1440×2560 pixels Resolution
  • 6GB RAM Memory with HUAWEI Kirin 960
  • Android 7.0 OS
  • 64GB Storage Capacity
  • 12-megapixel Rear Camera
  • 4000mAh Built-in Li-Polymer Battery

Other Huawei Honor V9 Features: Dual SIM Card and Fingerprint Sensor

Huawei Honor V9 Price in Pakistan

The launch price for this smartphone will be $600 (translating to around 60,000 rupees in Pakistan), according to Gizok, a Chinese ecommerce portal. It is not yet known when it will be launched in Pakistan. However, once the smartphone is launched, it will be available on Huawei Online Store at

Huawei Honor V9 Review

Huawei Honor V9 is similar to Honor V8 in terms of its design. The smartphone has a metallic glass body and a fingerprint scanner at the back. The dual camera has been shifted to the upper-left corner. Similarly, the front camera is also on the upper-right corner of the screen, right beside the audio speaker.

Instead of ‘Huawei’, ‘honor’ is written at the bottom-center on the front side and a little below the mid at the back of the smartphone. The phone has power, camera and sound buttons on the right edge.

Huawei Honor V9 Display

Whereas other smartphones are boasting 4GB of RAM, Huawei Honor V9 has 6GB of RAM, making it a gem for hi-tech phone enthusiasts. The device has a screen size of 5.7 inches, giving you ample space for running applications. It also has a 2K resolution for running films in HD quality.

Huawei Honor V9 DisplayThe smartphone has the latest version of Android installed (Android Nougat 7.0) and the processing speed of 2.4*8 GHz (Kirin 960 Octa-core processor). The GPU speed is 900MHz with Mali G71 MP8.

According to Antutu, the processing speed of Honor V9 is much faster than both Google Pixel XL and Huawei Mate 8; however, it lacks on the 3D mark. Nevertheless, the processor is good enough to run Asphalt at 30fps in ultra-high quality HD display. The same can be said for other similar games as well.

Huawei Honor V9 Battery

The smartphone holds a Li-polymer battery of 4000mAh. The 4000mAh charge can keep the phone alive for a full day of heavy use.

Huawei Honor V9 BatteryHowever, it can last even longer on optimal use and so on.

Huawei Honor V9 Camera

The smartphone has an 8MP front camera and dual back camera (12MP and 2MP). The second camera helps give more depth to the picture.

Huawei Honor V9 Dual Back CameraThe back camera has 4K resolution, which means your photos will be in Ultra-High quality.

Huawei Honor V9 Memory

Honor V9 has 128GB internal memory which can be expanded to 256GB using an external micro SD card.

Should You Buy Honor V9?

We don’t think the phone lacks in anything in terms of technical specifications because it has maximum memory and an enhanced camera quality, the two features that every smartphone user craves for. If the price of the smartphone is between 60k-80k Pakistani rupees, then it is surely a nice phone to own.

Watch Huawei Honor V9 Video Online

After its release, you can Compare Huawei Honor V9 Prices and buy online at

Do you think Huawei Honor V9 is the best phone of 2017? Comment your views below.

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