Tutorial: How to use Priceblaze’s Online Committee Management Tool

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Tired of managing common money saving pools (committees) manually? This tutorial will help you manage them online quickly and easily.

Priceblaze Online Money Saving Committee

Many people in Pakistan take part in group financing pools known as ‘committee pools’ to get a large sum of money when the need arises. This practice helps them raise funds for future investments, to pay off loans or to go for much-needed vacations.

These committee pools are managed by a committee managers, who take care of the money, and manage the member winning sequence. In most cases, they do it by recording each statement on a notebook, which they store in a safe place until the committee ends.

But committee record-keeping is burdensome because the records can easily be lost and the management of the money and member-turns takes a lot of time.

Priceblaze.pk provides an easy solution to these two problems by introducing the online committee management tool.

Priceblaze Online Committee Management Tool

The online committee management tool allows you [as the committee leader] to fill member records with a single click of a button. It saves you time and keeps you from irrelevant stress by making the management as smooth as possible.

Below is a list of features that you can avail in the online committee tool.

Start a Committee and manage members

First of all signup at priceblaze.pk.

Make a new committee on Priceblaze Committee Tool Online

Now on the left sidebar you will see the ‘Committee Tool’ written. Just click it and you will be taken to the committee tool management page.

How to select the priceblaze Committee Tool Online

On the committee tool, you have the option of adding a new committee or editing an already made one.

Fill in the online committee details on Priceblaze Committee Tool Online

Fill in the details to create your first committee and invite members to it.

Find the committee details such as date, amount and members | Priceblaze Committee Tool Online

Set the reward sequence of the committee

You can set your own sequence for paying members from the money pool and the tool will inform you at the time of payments.

Please note: The sequence can only be set at the start of committee. It will not be accessible once the committee plan starts.

Manage member payments with a single click

Unlike the traditional method, where knowing if a member has paid or not is hard, the online committee payment management allows you to just add a check mark next to the payment of users who have already paid.

Committee Tool Payment Collection

Who is it for?

The online committee management tool is for all committee managers who are tired of the regular record keeping system. With the committee tool, they can take care of the menial tasks in a robust manner.

Start your committee today with Priceblaze’s online committee management tool.


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