How to Maximize Your Savings on Black Friday 2016

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The biggest shopping fiesta of the year ‘Black Friday 2016’ is right around the corner. Everyone is super excited. Most of them have even held back their purchases until the big day. After all, who’d want to miss out on some of the most incredible Black Friday Deals in Pakistan?

Savings on Black Friday 2016

This fervor is equally reciprocated by online shopping stores as well. As you might’ve seen, their pages and marketing campaigns are already up and running almost a month before the event officially starts.

So What Really Is Black Friday?

Black Friday was introduced to Pakistani online shoppers last year by Daraz.PK. The underlying phenomenon is that you get everything in ‘black’ (i.e. super cheap) on this day.

In the early 19th century, this term meant “profit”. Many stories are associated with this term. But what most people seem to agree on is this: Black Friday is the day when shopping stores offer the biggest discounts of the year.

Most online shopping stores in Pakistan provide massive discounts all year long. For instance, on Eid, Daraz, Yayvo, Jambo and others offered about 60% to 70% discount to all users. On Independence Day, similar discounts were repeated. But nothing could match the discounts offered by online stores in the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) and Daraz Shopping Gala – over 80 percent discounts!

So what can you expect from Black Friday Sales in Pakistan? Will you actually be able to save money on your purchase?

Yes, that is possible. Here’s what you need to do to make Black Friday Online Shopping actually cost-effective.

How to Compare Best Black Friday Deals Online?

If you’ve monitored the sales and deals put up by online shopping stores for as long as we have, you’ll realize they mostly repeat the same Deals on Black Friday as the previous year. As many as 95% of the stores are likely to repeat their discounts year after year.

So always remember to compare Deals and Discounts before finalizing your purchase. An intelligent way to do it is to use a price comparison website. Or you could try the cumbersome process of sorting through every website one at a time. In both cases, a comparison lets you see the real deal between the lines.

Not All Discounts Are Real – Always Double Check

Some online shopping stores will exaggerate the prices of products before the event begins and then place huge price cuts to show discounts. So basically, they’re not giving discounts; they are just marketing their products differently.

Make sure you scrutinize your favorite online shopping stores a long time before Black Friday to see the actual prices. Don’t be misled into believing you have a great Sale Offer when all you have is a masked fraud.

Take Advantage of Mobile Payments

Most online shopping stores provide higher discounts to those who use mobile payment systems. For example, on the GOSF Event, Jambo, Yayvo and other stores gave almost 80% discount when people bought their products through a mobile payment system instead of cash on delivery.

So while you are shopping online, keep an eye out for those stores that utilize mobile payment systems. Take advantage of these and buy products at an even cheaper price.

Compare Product Prices available in Black Friday Sale

Last but not the least, always compare prices. a leading  Comparison Website gives you the best way to buy products at cheaper rates. With a comprehensive list of online stores and offered prices on a single page, users find it easy to locate the latest shopping deals from everywhere!

As per our own observation, most shopping stores have a price difference of almost Rs 10,000 on electronic products and smartphones.

So what are you going to shop for on Black Friday? And what do you think of Black Friday Deals in Pakistan? Do tell us in the comments below.

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