How to Freeze Bakra Eid Meat the Right Way?

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Eid-ul-Adha is that time of the year when almost every house has a surplus of meat. It’s just the way it is.

Following Bakra Eid Qurbani, the biggest concern, after you’ve distributed the bulk according to the Islamic guidelines, is freezing your own share.

You may be doing it wrong. According to most experts, frozen meats retain their goodness for up to 12 months. If you’re not freezing Qurbani meat the right way, it’ll lose its luster and texture. And then there’s the problem of freezer burns that seems to affect everyone.

Freeze Bakra Eid MeatWe’ll tell you how to store meat the right way for up to one year without damaging it. So whenever you decide to dig into meaty goodness, it’ll be as fresh as just-cut. Here it goes.

  1. Freshly cut meat has a slightly higher temperature. Your first and foremost concern should be to cool it down in order to inhibit bacterial growth. Ideally, place it in a refrigerator or a cool room if you’re busy with guests or cooking. Don’t leave the meat lying around unattended.

  2. Most people prefer to rinse the meat before cooking. Don’t do that. Washing it before freezing can lead to ice crystals which hasten the degradation of your meat. Always rinse the meat just before you cook it.

  3. Make small one-time-use packets. Use airtight freezer bags to keep the ice out and prevent freezer burns. Also, make sure there’s no air inside your pack. Ideally, double the covers to make sure the meat doesn’t lose its moisture.

  4. While you’re at it, make sure no bones will poke the packaging. The moment icy air comes in contact with the meat, it’ll start drying it, leading to freezer burns. Cushion the bones with pieces of tissue paper or some other material.

  5. Make sure your freezer’s temperature is set below zero degrees. It’ll keep your meat chilled enough to prevent deterioration. Also, avoid opening the freezer door frequently once you’ve placed the meat to chill. It’ll prolong the freezing period.

  6. Avoid piling the meat packs on one another. This way it takes a longer time for the meat to freeze through. Place them in different parts of the freezer. Once the packs have frozen, you can stack them nicely to use the space efficiently. This keeps your meat in good shape.

  7. Always, always thaw the meat in the refrigerator. Never put out frozen meat on the kitchen counter or in warm water to normalize as it gives ample time and opportunity for bacterial outgrowths. Just transfer the meat packet to the refrigerator 24 hours prior to cooking. It’ll thaw slowly and completely, inhibiting microbial growth at the same time. It keeps the meat fresh and healthy.

  8. You can always refreeze the meat you’ve put in the refrigerator to thaw although it isn’t highly recommended. Once thawed, you can rinse it thoroughly before cooking.

  9. Whenever you are storing meat (Bakra Eid Qurbani or otherwise), make sure you label it. State the kind of meat it is and the date it was frozen. This will keep you from second guessing the packets every time you plan to cook something protein-packed.

  10. Some experts recommend using an additional covering of aluminum foil over the zip-lock bag to promote freezing. The efficacy of this method is yet to be documented.


Want to kill the rancid smell of meat while cooking? Wash it with salt water, gram flour (besan), vinegar OR lemon juice before cooking. This will effectively resolve the problem.

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Wish you a great Eid ul Adha 2016 filled with meaty goodness that lasts all year!

Eid Mubarak Pakistan!

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