Groom Accessories Checklist for Online Wedding Shopping in Pakistan

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Weddings in Pakistan are never a one or two-day event; they usually last obnoxiously for weeks at a stretch, almost like a festival. The preparations start months before to make sure the big day goes smoothly. All those who’ve been through it or have been a part of the organizing committee would understand: wedding shopping just isn’t easy.

Groom Accessories Checklist for Online Wedding Shopping in PakistanAnd for the urban groom, getting men’s wedding accessories together is extremely time-consuming if done the conventional way. Who’s got that kind of time? This is where online shopping proves to be a major lifesaver.

Besides the groom dresses, there’s a lot you need to appear charming on your wedding day. Here’s a checklist of the latest wedding accessories you need to keep an eye out for to make it huge.


Watches are always considered as a major style statement. A wide variety of watches is available online. Brands like Timex, Tag Heuer, Tissot, Seiko, and Mont Blanc promise superior quality and social recognition.

WatchesThese watches carry all the elegance and style every gentleman needs to have. They are available in steel and leather straps so you can choose whatever suits you best.


Wallets constitute one of the most basic necessities. A good wallet is something a guy can rely on to be with him in the long run besides looking effortlessly gorgeous. Durability and style are two things that, when blended together, represent perfection.WalletsA range of exquisite leather wallets are available online from top brands like HUB, EBH and Jafferjees. Visit to view the whole groom wedding collection.


Perfumes do a lot more than simply making you presentable. They boost your self-confidence, making you appear infinitely more charming. So it’s very natural to invest in a good perfume for your big day, especially one that leaves a good memory in its wake.

PerfumesArmani, Chanel, Gucci, Mont Blanc and Ferrari are a few highly recommended options for masculine fragrances that are strong and long-lasting. You can find more options on your favorite online price comparison website


Particularly if you’re planning to wear coat suits, you’ll need to invest in a good leather belt to go with it. A good and sophisticated-looking belt looks awesome and completes the look. Cambridge and EBH have some good quality belts to pair up with your suit.

BeltsFor some of the best varieties at the best prices, visit the one and only price comparison website,


Cufflinks make your dress shirts and even some groom sherwanis or Kurtas look elegant. They come in different shapes and sizes, encompassing some of the most contemporary styles with remarkable elegance.

CufflinksYou’ll find simple ones and the ones that make your eyes pop. Cufflinks by Borjan, Jafferjees and Zeitgeist are of high-quality. Choose from a wide variety available at today.


Neckties offer the perfect complement to your suit. Some people prefer bowties instead. Neckties of different colors, shade and patterns are available online. Charcoal, Monark, Cambridge and Zeitgeist offer a wide range of neck-wear found in fabrics like wool, silk etc. You can choose exactly what you need according to the Groom Dresses you’ve finalized.


If you’re still looking for groom collections to finalize your dresses and/or accessories, you know the best place to shop is online at And the reason is very simple; you’ll get the best products at the best possible prices. Talk about getting married on a budget and we’ll make your dream come true.

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