GOSF vs Daraz Online Shopping Gala: Where Should You Be?

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Ecommerce Shopping is extremely popular at this time. Tons of online shopping stores are emerging on the Pakistani web space and most of them are offering a similar variety of products. This is a prime time for price comparison websites to work their magic in guiding customers towards online shopping stores that offer the right prices.

The Great Online Shopping FestivalGreat Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is the latest news in this realm. It is an online shopping festival by Jang, Google and Yayvo. The trio joined hands with 40 other online shopping stores to provide products at up to 72% discounts.

On the other hand, Daraz is conducting a shopping gala that offers up to 60 percent off on most products. Kaymu is offering 50 percent discount on Tech Deals. iShopping, another ecommerce leader, is following an all-year best price policy.


GOSF has 40 online shopping stores – which is a good thing – but a closer look reveals that they have less than 5000 products. In comparison, Daraz has around 10,000 products up for sale.

Majority stores have less than 50 products exhibited in the GOSF.

GOSF 40 Online Shopping StoresAnother thing to notice is that most stores have listed about 50 products on GOSF. As a valuable shopper, you do not actually have the liberty to choose because of the lack of variety.


GOSF is offering 70 percent discounts to customers while Daraz is offering 60 percent discounts. But here’s the catch: GOSF shoppers will have to buy through Mobicash or MCB Debit Card to avail the full discount.

Discount 70At max they can get 50 percent discount on using other payment options. Make sure you read their policy before ordering an item to avoid disappointment.

Product Quality:

If we talk about product quality, GOSF has a multitude of online shopping stores. Each store is offering around 50 products. A majority of the products are household items that are better priced at Imtiaz and Naheed – if you are ready for a walk as they do not offer delivery.

Product Quality ApprovedOn the other hand, Daraz has an inventory of gadgets and electronic items that interest most online shoppers.

So you choose: are you looking for groceries or tech updates?

Price Comparison:

Both the festivals are offering quality products and that too at a great rebate. However, GOSF has slashed the prices up to 60 percent. And if you buy through an MCB credit card or Mobicash, you get additional discounts on selected items. In comparison, Daraz offers a maximum discount of 56 percent on its products. And if you buy with Easypaisa, you get additional 10 percent off – which makes it a total of 66 percent discount.

Make sure you read their policy before ordering an item to avoid disappointment.

Compare PricesIf you would still like to inspect in greater detail, Priceblaze.pk can be of great help. Just note the product that you would like to buy and enter it in the search bar to get results from 20+ online shopping stores.

Payment Options:

GOSF has Cash on Delivery (CoD), Credit Card and Mobicash payment options. Daraz has Cash on Delivery (CoD), Credit Card and Easypaisa payment options.

Jazz Cash Payment OptionAt GOSF you can get more discounts if you shop through either Mobicash or MCB Debit Card. While at Daraz, you get more discounts if you shop through Easypaisa.

Daraz Easy PayDelivery:

Delivery of items at GOSF is promised as 1-2 business days. But as Yayvo is involved, which is the brainchild of TCS, they’re also offering 120-minutes delivery for some products through their service ‘Hazir’.

Daraz offers delivery in 4-8 days on all products.

To summarize it all, here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Daraz Shopping Gala has better product variety but the prices are more on some items. Since a single store is involved, returning products will be easier and hassle-free.
  • GOSF has a number of stores as compared with Daraz. They have better product prices but the product listings do not resound very well with it i.e. 50 products listed from one store on an average. However, they offer quick delivery to compensate for it.
  • Payment methods are modest for both festivals.

Our Judgment:

We would encourage you to visit both websites before making a decision.

We would encourage you to visit both websites before making a decision. Use a price comparison website to find the lowest prices from top online shopping stores and only then make a purchase.

Happy Shopping to you!

So coming back to the discussion, which festival has the most decent offerings for online shoppers?


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