Five Tips for Buying Dupattas, Scarves & Stoles

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Selecting an appropriate dress for any given occasion can be extremely annoying. But a little help can make it better. For women, dupattas, scarves and stoles are an essential element of their overall attire.

Five Tips for Buying Dupattas, Scarves & Stoles

It is not only a reflection of their identity and compliance with social and societal mores but also an extension of their sense of fashion. Whether it’s a hijab, a scarf, a dupatta, a shawl or a stole, this wrap-around garment covers a woman’s modesty while accentuating her beauty.

And now, with online shopping stores making a whole range of accessories and garments, including fancy dupattas, chiffon scarves, embroidered shawls, crochet stoles, and lots more, it is very easy to find the perfect wrap-around to go with your dress.

It is equally easy for men to find a scarf or a stole at one of the many websites of fashion designers and retail houses to surprise their better halves.

If you want to win your woman over, make-up for last night’s tiff or any other of your many shortcomings, follow these five simple tips to see her face lighten up and have your sins forgiven.


All of us have, at some point in our lives, pictured ourselves as detectives – strutting around like James Bond. Well, it’s time to test your spying skills.

Rifle through your wife’s closet to find out what she owns. Ask her best friend about her preferred fabric. Slip your questions as innocuous queries in conversations with your wife. Armed with that knowledge, it will be easier to get something that is useful for her.



No need to reinvent the wheel. Find your wife’s preferred websites for online shopping; see what items she is looking at. You can easily see her browser history with a few clicks. Unless, of course, she doesn’t share her laptop’s password with you. In that case, you will better book a flight to Kashmir so you can earn her trust and love with a Kashmiri shawl!


Look at the various options. If the mint green chiffon dupatta from Saniya Maskatiya strikes your fancy, go for it. You can’t go too wrong with that. But if it’s a white scarf with moon light net cloth, you better ask your wife’s best friend about it. There are other considerations than aesthetics, such as fabric, post-wash durability, etc., that play a role in choosing the right dupatta.


Make sure to read the online shopping store’s refund and return policy, their delivery and payment method, and maybe give it a quick call to assess their level of customer service. Keep an eye out for the many caveats, sometimes concealed in the policy. For instance, often online shopping stores in Pakistan don’t provide return or exchange on products in the ‘fashion’ category.

Make sure you don’t end up getting berated by your wife because you bought something she doesn’t like and now it cannot be exchanged. Always have contingencies in place.


Visit one of the many comparison shopping engines to compare the price of that cream-color snake-printed scarf with other alternatives. Price Comparison Websites like offer you the closest alternates to what you intend to buy. You get brownie points for being economically-savvy.

Through websites like, you can also browse through an extensive range of dupattas, scarves and stoles as they list products from multiple online retailers, designers and websites. You just have to visit one website and once you have found what you want, you can reach the seller’s website with just one click.

So shop online right now and make your order. If you order early enough, you can get it delivered by the evening and celebrate a very special dinner and more. This is the part where I wink!

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