Comparison Shopping Engines Saving You from Buyer’s Remorse

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Everyone second guesses their decisions. Psychologists refer to it as “Post Purchase Cognitive Dissonance”, a complex contextualization of the unease we feel after another consumerist binge. ‘Buyer’s Remorse’ is a simpler way of referring to the same phenomenon.

Comparison Shopping Engines Saving You from Buyer’s Remorse

Some of the more common thoughts flooding the mind once money changes hands or the card is swiped include:

“I paid too much!”
“I don’t think I need that.”
“I could have gotten a better deal at the next store.”

In online shopping, this problem is pronounced due to the absence of external deterrents. It is not unusual to go on a shopping spree on your favorite online shopping mall while still on your own couch! Impulsive buying can leave you with a few more products than you initially planned for.

While a ‘comparison shopping engine’ is no guarantee to deter such behavior, it does provide a filter of sorts.

Here’s how:

  • Make a habit of using a comparison shopping engine before making any online purchase. Once you identify the product you want to buy, check a reliable price comparison engine. For Pakistan, is your best bet.
  • Compare online prices as listed by different retailers. Compare other services offered by the retailer. Review their return policy. It gives you a better idea about the whole package.
  • Explore further if you feel like. Check the feedback given by other customers to the retailer you plan to purchase from. Satisfy your concerns about reliability, authenticity and trustworthiness.
  • Consider tangential factors such as the time required for making the purchase. Does the product delivery mechanism suit your convenience? Would it be better to buy the product from a brick-and-mortar store?

All these questions may be swirling around in your head. Often times, you hasten the process when it would be better to be cautious and circumspect. This exercise will give you ample time to be prudent. You can reconsider your decision if you think the purchase is superfluous. Protect yourself from the ‘Buyer’s Remorse’.

Even if you end up buying the latest LCD despite having one already, using a price comparison engine will, at the very least, ensures that you got the best value for money!

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