Should you buy an iPhone X or Samsung S8 or One Plus 5?

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Apple released the latest iPhone series, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X in a stunning event on Sep 12. These Newly Launched Smartphones are no doubt great and they include some pretty slick features that will keep the users attuned to them throughout the next year until a new flagship smartphone emerges.

Latest Apple iPhone Series

But in Pakistan, most of us are having a low budget and high hopes, so, will buying an iPhone X will be the right choice, or should we try something Android such as Samsung S8 Plus or One Plus 5. Let’s find out.

Samsung S8 Plus vs One Plus 5

We compared all three top flagships from the most reputed companies in the world. Hopefully, this will allow you to make a decent choice for your next smartphone upgrade.

Comparison b/w iPhone X vs Galaxy S8 vs One Plus 5

Specifications Apple iPhone X Samsung Galaxy S8 One Plus 5
Model X S8 5
Chipset A11 Bionic  Exynos 8895 Octa / Snapdragon 835 1.9GHz octa-core –  Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Screen  5.8 inches, 1125 x 2436 pixels  5.8 inches, 1440 x 2960 pixels  5.50 inches, 1080×1920 pixels
RAM  3 GB  4 GB  6 GB
Internal Storage  64/256 GB  64 GB 64GB
OS  iOS 11  Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)  Android 7.1.1 (Nougat)
Main Camera  Dual 12 MP, f/1.8 & f/2.4  12 MP, f/1.7 20-megapixel f/2.6
Front Camera  7 MP  8 MP, f/1.7 16-megapixel f/1.7
Battery  Unknown  3000 mAh  3300 mAh
Launch Price  $999  $720 $749

When to buy an iPhone X?

Look, you may want to get your hands on that rupee 100,000 device but just hold your horses because that isn’t for you if you are just needing a phone for calls, playing games and taking pictures.

Apple iPhone X

  • iPhone X comes with a powerful processor that will be helpful to you if you run AR related apps
  • If you are using a single device for doing multiple works, such as writing a document, editing photos and playing 3D games that require tons of gpu processing. The A11 possesses three GPU cores to take care of the visual processing. According to Apple, it is 30 percent faster than previous version.
  • It has Face ID feature for smartphone security, pictures, and video emojis
  • It only supports wireless charging. But believe me, it is almost the same as a wired charger because you will still need a wireless pad to place your phone, and it is slower than wired charging. More on wireless charging.
  • If you are a brand conscious user who only buys Apple phones, then go for it.

 When to buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a little older to be compared with iPhone X, but to be honest, Samsung hasn’t released any better version than this one until now. And, we may have to wait a few months to get a peek of Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. One thing to note about Samsung Galaxy S8 is that its interface and graphics are still the best in android smartphones because of the Samsung’s OLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S8 PlusYou should buy Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus if:

  • You are an Android user and love to run battery draining apps
  • You are happy with the non-expandable storage in smartphones
  • You are more focused on the visual aesthetics than the performance part of the smartphone

If you are find with the above conditions, then go for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

When to buy One Plus 5 Smartphone?

One Plus released its flagship smartphone in June 2017. The smartphone features rich graphics, a great design, an excellent performance, and a decent battery life.

One Plus 5 Smartphone
One Plus 5 Smartphone

It was one of the first smartphones released with the 6GB RAM.

You should buy One Plus 5 if:

  • You are into professional photography because the extreme camera sensor is pretty good with pictures
  • You play high-quality games from Google Play and don’t want even a tiny bit lag in-between apps
  • You consider high-quality selfies as a feature while buying smartphones

Conclusion: iPhone X vs Samsung S8 Plus vs One Plus 5

 All smartphones, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and One Plus 5 are great and will let you take amazing quality pictures, provide stunning performance and will do most of your work. Therefore, in the end, it all comes to the brand you like.

iPhone-X-or-Samsung-S8-or-One-Plus-5Going Apple will be like spending 300$ or 30,000 rupees more on a smartphone for almost the same functions available in other phones.

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