Bridal Tips: How to Get Your Nails Done?

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Weddings are oxymoronic. It is the happiest as well as the most stressing, almost nerve-wracking time of your life. There’s so much to do and so little time to take care of all of it.

Epitomizing Beauty – Bridal Elegance

There are things that are impossible to miss, like the bridal wedding dresses and makeup. Then there are some subtle details that complete the picture, like bridal jewelry and nail art.

Bridal Elegance Nail ArtBridal preparations, particularly in terms of beauty, start months before the big day. There are bridal services that help augment the natural beauty. Then there’s the makeup she puts on before the event that counts. Amidst all this, it is important to keep in mind that the most noticeable part (after her makeup and hairdo) is her hands.

Why Hands?

For one thing, it’s the mehndi design on her hands. Secondly, every time she adjusts her dupatta or dress, her hands automatically catch the light. So it’s wiser to focus on your hands too when you’re dolling up for your wedding.

bridal nail art designs

These days, they’re spicing it up with bridal nail art designs. Here’s everything you need to know about bridal nail art to make it grand on your big day.

Prepare Ahead for the BIG Day!

How your nails look depend on what you do to them and from when. If you’re one of those very few who take good care of their nails, then there’s little you’ll need to do to bring them in shape. Just give them enough time to grow naturally. Getting nail art for wedding will be a breeze.

nail art for wedding

However, if you’re someone who can’t help biting their nails, you’ll need to give it more time to grow. Also, you might need some treatment or additional care to make your nails strong and healthy.

Make Appointments

Most women find manicures to be effective in correcting nail problems. If it doesn’t help you, we recommend you to visit a dermatologist. Keep a check on the growth of cuticles and nails. File them as and when required.

bridal nail careIf they’re long enough, you might want to avoid indulging in rough activities that might break them or chip off the edges, destroying the outlook of your bridal nail polish. Apart from appointments, personal care is of utmost importance in ensuring nail health.

Nail Paint and Polish

This is where everyone does it differently. Primarily, they match it with your dress. Some bridal makeup artists use the least prevalent color as the base coat. Others take the most prominent color from the dress.

Nail Paint and Polish

If you want to give your hands a very natural look, you might want to stick with baby pink or a nude color that blends in perfectly without effort.

Bridal Nail Art

When it comes to bridal nail art, you’ll need to be careful about blending it in with your Mehendi Design and Wedding Dress.

baby pink nail art

Nail Art in general gives a very casual and funky look. You can go atrociously wrong if you’re not picturing the whole effect.

Don’t Forget the Toes

When you are getting a manicure done, don’t forget that you have nails on your toes as well. Get a proper appointment with your manicurist to get your pedicure done too.

manicurist giving pedicure

All that needs to be done to the nails on your fingers, needs to be done for your toes too. Paint them nicely for that additional spark.

Paint Pedicure

Being a bride is probably the most wonderful experience. Make it even more memorable with priceless wedding advice about the latest trends in bridal fashion. Visit Blog to find out everything that’s hot and happening.

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Be the Bride that is Impossible to Forget!

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