Bridal Showers: What You Need To Do

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In Pakistan, weddings are particularly long drawn.

It’s not just about the main events; it’s also about those mini gatherings that happen over bridal wedding shopping, those dholkis that never seem to end, those parlor sessions that often end up in an awkward discussion, and countless friendly gatherings that are both relaxing and pleasantly torturous.

Bridal ShowerThe most recent addition to this list of wedding events is the bridal shower, ideally arranged by the bride’s friends as a surprise party. So if you’re caught up in the wedding season and need to plan a bridal shower for a bride-to-be, here’s are a few bridal shower ideas to keep in mind.

The Theme

First and foremost, decide a theme for the party. It’ll set the tone for all other arrangements. Ideally, it should be according to the bride’s personal liking. Decide a color code for the decorations and something similar for the dress code.

bridal shower dressIt’s always a pretty sight when all the bridesmaids are dressed in one color and the bride is highlighted in another bridal shower dress.


This is probably your bestie’s last bachelorette party. It should be fun and memorable. Props top the list of wedding shower ideas everywhere. Make funny props to click unforgettable pictures.

wedding shower ideasYou should be looking out for things like the sugary red lips, giant glasses, curly hair wigs, quotes like “I am single, ready to mingle”, “meet the bride”, “Mrs-to-be”, “I am Next” etc. Keep in mind that it’s all about fun and making memories to last a lifetime. She’s not going to become a bachelorette again.

Photo Booth

A bridal shower party is all about capturing the last moments of her bachelor life and making memories that last a lifetime. Photographs are the way to go. Keep snapping at every possible opportunity. Put the props you’ve prepared to ample use.

Brides to BeArrange a corner where pictures can be taken with the props. Don’t forget the backdrop, though; that’ll set the theme of the party.

Bride’s Gift

You’re not arranging the bridal shower for nothing. You need to buy the bride-to-be some wedding shower gifts too. Try to have many small gifts instead of one big one. It keeps the bride busy and excited. To eliminate the chance of doubling, try to pre-decide the bridal shower gifts.

wedding shower giftsFor the most part, she’s going to take these souvenirs to her new home. Make sure they fit her new surrounding and remind her of all the wonderful things you’ve shared.


A party can never be complete without food. It’s the most important highlight of any party. Remember to make adequate arrangement for snacks and tea. If you’re planning for lunch or dinner, make sure all participants (except the bride) contribute to the total cost.

bridal partyThe only thing you need to worry about is making sure the quantity befits all. For the most part, when everybody is dressed up pretty, you can avoid arranging heavy foods and go for light alternatives instead.

Return Gifts

Bridal showers are possibly the only time when you’ll have so many girlfriends turning up at the same time, looking their best, and pouring all their love on the bride.

Return GiftsMake it memorable for those who took the time to be there. Invest in small wedding shower gift bags to be given to all the guests after the event. Make it unforgettable for everyone!

small wedding shower gift bags

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