The Ultimate Face-Off: Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Do you want to know which smartphone is better, the latest phone by Apple – iPhone 7 Plus, or the legacy Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the winner of many hearts in Pakistan apparently.

We did an intelligent comparison of both the smartphones and the results are what we had expected.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus VS Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Where iPhone 7 Plus is better than Samsung Galaxy Note 7?


Apple is no doubt better than Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in relation with design. Why? Samsung Note 7 is very similar to its predecessor. Apple iPhone 7 Plus is also similar but they have removed the radio antenna holes from the new smartphone. This is probably to make the smartphone water proof.


Apple claims it has the best smartphone processor named A10 Fusion for 2016 embedded in iPhone 7 Plus. Galaxy Note 7 however uses the same processor that was used in Galaxy S6. Galaxy S6 had 1.5Ghz Octacore while Note 7 has 1.6Ghz Octacore.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus on the other hand is said to be 30% faster than iPhone 6 Plus.


The clear winner is Apple for audio. Why? Apple has introduced dynamic audio in iPhone 7 Plus. While, Samsung Note 7 is audible, but without stereo functionality.

Where Samsung Note 7 is better than iPhone 7 Plus?


Samsung Note 7 Price is 85,000 rupees on most online shopping stores. Whereas, it is expected that iPhone 7 Plus Price will be between 95,000 rupees & 110,000 rupees on most online shopping stores in Pakistan.


Another edge Samsung Note 7 has over iPhone 7 Plus is that iPhone 7 plus doesn’t provide external storage. Samsung has internal storage of 64GB and then it can be extended to 256GB (external).

Below we have a detailed technical comparison of iPhone 7 Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Check it out.

iPhone 7 Plus VS Galaxy Note 7

Tell us your thoughts about both the smartphones. Do you prefer iPhone 7 Plus or Samsung Galaxy Note 7?

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