5 Reasons Why People Avoid Online Shopping in Pakistan

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“Hey, I was planning to buy online this time. Let’s place an order for some perfumes from an online store. Which one should I buy?”
Online Store? You can’t be serious!”

Why People Avoid Online Shopping in Pakistan“Why not? What’s so bad about it? They promise quality products and I find it really convenient.”

“Well, what if the so-called quality products never show up? What if they are not quality products at all? What if you find that the same is available elsewhere on cheaper rates? What if the options are limited and you are left with no time to look anywhere else? And above all, how are you going to compare the prices? Online Shopping in Pakistan is so not a valid option”

Online Shopping PakistanThe conversation might not sound unusual at all as most of us have the same concerns regarding online shopping websites. However, if you are at a safe place like PriceBlaze.pk, all these would vanish once and for all. Let us see how:


The time taken to deliver the product is, beyond doubt, a serious concern for most of the customers, especially those who have had bad experiences with online shopping in the past. However, Priceblaze.pk has an efficient and extensive delivery system, reaching various parts of the city. It ensures timely delivery of the products and eventually absolute satisfaction of the consumers.


The major concern for any online consumer is the quality of the product as pictures might not show the actual worth. Many such cases have also been reported but at Priceblaze.pk, only authentic Top Brands in Pakistan are available, leaving no room for delivery of low-quality products.

Furthermore, the quality control department is efficiently working day and night to check and counter-check the products before they are sent out to customers.


Nothing attracts customers’ attention more than affordable and desirable products: and the same has been understood by PriceBlaze.pk. If you are looking for the best deals in Pakistan, PriceBlaze.pk is the place for you, offering the best prices in town.


While some of the online shopping websites in Pakistan are providing limited options, hence restricting their viewers, Priceblaze.pk has crossed all boundaries. From low-cost to high-quality products, it offers a wide variety of options, allowing you to settle for the ideal one.


Now here is the best feature offered by PriceBlaze.pk: it allows the consumers to compare the prices of different products. According to statistics, price comparison leads to an increase in consumer satisfaction as they are able to land on the perfect and most affordable match.

Price Comparison PakistanThe above details are sufficient to burst the myths regarding online shopping in Pakistan. In the current age, it is not only convenient and rewarding but also gaining immense popularity.

PriceBlaze.pk – it is a shopping heaven for all price-conscious shoppers in Pakistan.


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  1. 1

    Yes, all of five reasons that you have pointed out are cause of online shopping avoidance in Pakistan. I have suffered it after shopping from Aliexpress. Thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  2. 3
    Ch Rashid

    Products shown on online shopping sites are mostly different, when I order through PriceBlaze.pk i was surprised to see the quality of the products and it was not good enough like product is displaying.

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