3 Ways to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress on a Budget

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Weddings are extravagant. Period.

And if you’re someone who cannot afford to spend millions on your wedding (or your wedding dress in particular), this post is especially for you!

Dream Wedding Dress for BrideWedding Dresses for Brides can cost thousands to millions of rupees these days. There’s a lot to consider like the quality of materials, the colors, the designs, and the price. If you’re looking for your dream wedding dress on a budget, here are a few tips that will come in handy.

STEP 1: Gather Information

First things first; it’s research time! Check out the latest trends in designer bridal dresses. Figure out the market prices of your favorite styles, up-size this value by about 5-10% to get an estimate about the kind of money you’ll need for your dress.

Gather InformationLook for designers that are not so pricey but give you all that you need. Also, gather information about fabrics and stitching of the dress. The more you know about bridal dresses, the less likely you are to get fooled by others.

Option 1: DIY

You can create your wedding dress yourself from scratch. In fact, if you want to customize every little detail of your dress, this is the ideal way to do it.

You’ll need to start preparing for it months before the wedding and collect all the essentials including the cloth, the threads, the embellishments and everything else that goes into your dress. If you’re skilled at tailoring, it’ll be a sure bonus.

DIY wedding dress

A better way to get around this is to outsource this responsibility to your tailor/bridal dress experts/professionals. You can always tell them what you want but have them look after the nitty-gritty of getting it together. Sounds fun?

Option 2: Try Rentals and Resales

Although not a particularly appealing idea, you can always try fetching bridal wedding dresses that are available for rent or resale. Extremely expensive designer dresses worn by models or by celebrities are available for a fraction of their cost in this form of trade. There are quite a few groups on Facebook and OLX that will connect you with individual as well as commercial entities involved in bridal rentals and re-sales.

Rental Bridal Dresses

Alternatively, you can try your mother’s, sister’s, cousin’s, or a friend’s wedding dress to save big time. If this sounds too old-fashioned, you can utilize a part of the dress (like the Dupatta maybe) and pair it with your own. Vintage Dresses are evergreen and will look lavish once you adorn it.

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Option 3: Hit for the BIG Sale!

Most of our reputed designers will put up unbelievable sales every now and then – probably to turn out their inventory. This can be a good way to get your hands on your dream wedding dress on a budget. Seasonal sales and clearance sales are two “events” you should be keeping an eye out for. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – it doesn’t happen every day!

Bridal Dresses SaleThere you go. That adequately summarizes how you can get your dream bridal dress at a fraction of the cost. Let us know if you have any ideas to share. And if you want to buy bridal dresses, wedding accessories and makeup products at the best possible prices, visit Priceblaze.pk today!

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